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Sprint Car Traffic is a bit different than most exchanges you have seen on the internet. Randy met Zac and his family in mid 2013 and was impressed with Zac's work ethics and success. He gets great support from his family and friends.

Randy contacted DA Riley of Modern Advantage Marketing, LLC. and hence this traffic exchange designed to help marketers and advertisers succeed while bringing an awareness to Zac Taylor racing.

Sprint Car Traffic



A Traffic Exchange
Earn credits advertising your site or program while viewing other members advertisements.
Banner/Text Advertising
Great for branding you and your business. Ads found on surf bar and throughout the site.
Social Community
Team Surfing, Private Messaging, Social Media Interaction... all ways members connect, learn and grow.
Downline Builder
We practice downline integrity. This means you get the signups, not admin. Easy to navigate categories.
Paid Commissions
We pay member commissions for all purchases by your referrals. We also donate 20% of every purchase to Zac Taylor Racing..
Be A Sponsor
Sponsor Zac Taylor Racing and have your business name displayed. Look for various opportunities to keep Zac successful.
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Sprint Car Traffic is a unique opportunity to advertise your business or affiliate links. To learn more about Zac and the driver behind this advertising platform, visit his website at http://zactaylorracing.com.

Remember, 20% of all profits go directly to the racing team. These funds help in payment for fuel, tires, maintenance, etc. The more opportunities Zac has, the more successful he will become! He has already demonstrated his abilities! Take pride in knowing you've taken part in the making of a star!


Yes we have an affiliate program! You earn commissions for every purchase made from your referrals here at Sprint car traffic! Upgrades, credit purchases, novelty items... you earn on everything..

We take care of the website expenses, then we pay you the affiliate marketer. We give Zac Taylor racing 20%, then we pay ourselves. We are here to make sure of your advertising and marketing success as well as building Zac into a household racing name.
Get involved in this unique advertising opportunity!


Sprint Car Traffic is a collaboration between Randy May and Modern Advantage Marketing, LLC. in support of Zac Taylor Racing.

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